Monday, August 21, 2017

Life This Week: John Walter Museum, Situation, & Cariwest

I noticed some yellow leaves on the elms in my neighbourhood this morning. Not impressed. It's only August. At least nature redeemed itself with the solar eclipse, which I've got to say was not exactly what I'd expected (only 70% here), but still very cool. The best thing really was how it brought everyone from nurses to patients to physicists out to the hospital parking lot to take a look. It was nice to share the experience (and viewing glasses -- only one person actually had them). Here are some other things I've appreciated lately:

John Walter Museum -- A 20-minute walk from my house, tucked away by the Kinsmen Sports Centre, are these three little old houses. They're worth a visit in the summer, when they turn into a living museum complete with historic interpreters, depicting the life of one of Edmonton's early entrepreneurs.
here's the oldest house, from 1875 -- apparently rented out until the '70s!
I think a lot of people don't know the museum is there. Admission is free and the volunteers are lovely; an interesting stop to learn a little about the history of the neighbourhood.

dinner -- We celebrated a friend's 30th at Situation Brewing. I've got to say, I'm still not crazy about the food there. But the company was solid.

library-going -- I have such a love for libraries. The one in my neighbourhood is the Old Strathcona branch, which happens to be Edmonton's first and one of Alberta's oldest libraries (1913). If it weren't just beyond walking distance I'd be there on the regular. In any case, I was glad I stopped by to browse around last week.

all the fruit -- I'm always grateful for access to affordable fresh fruit all summer long. How is it even possible for cherries to be grown, harvested, and shipped out of province for $1.50/lb?

quidditch -- I was excited to spot the Edmonton Aurors quidditch team in action while walking by the Kinsmen one evening. It looked like hard work -- but such fun. What a sport. JK Rowling's a genius.

Cariwest -- Churchill Square in Edmonton's downtown has something going on most summer weekends. Last weekend was Cariwest, one of the city's most vibrant festivals. The performances were so spirited. The group below had incredible rhythm. They played a long set from memory and the dancers didn't miss a beat.

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